Welcome to our new office!

Welcome to our new office!

At WaterQuip we are really into water. We are dedicated to life’s essential liquid – WATER. We envision a world where EVERYBODY has access to safe and affordable drinking water.

And we take the subject seriously. Therefore, WaterQuip develops, manufactures, sells, and operates high-quality equipment for the purification of drinking water on a mission to save lives and provide for healthier and happier livelihoods.

A quality water purifier from WaterQuip keeps you healthy and saves you money and time. It’s ideal for homes, schools, factories and businesses. Safe drinking water straight off your tap – no more boiling or buying!

We are happy to announce the opening of our new office and showroom in Kampala, located at Quality Shopping Village, Naalya-Namugongo Road. Schedule an appointment with us for a free phone consultation or visit our office to learn more. We will offer you the best solution for getting cleaner, safer drinking water in your home, school, or business.


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