MajiPreneurs Summit 2024: Shaping the ecosystem. Navigating opportunities. Building impactful WASH enterprises.

Majipreneurs bridges the gap between entrepreneurs, investors, development
partners and policy makers, creating a supportive space and common mission to
build an ecosystem for sustainable water and sanitation initiatives.

Summit Objectives

(1) To explore WASH entrepreneurship potential & support needs.

(2) To foster collaboration between entrepreneurs, financiers, experts, and policy makers
to support the growth and scaling of more sustainable water and sanitation services.

(3) To discover opportunities for impactful WASH enterprises and support initiatives.

(4) Develop Initiatives to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem for WASH.


Through inspiring inputs, participatory simulation games, exchanges and meaningful
networking participants will:

(A) Facilitate collaborative learning to leverage entrepreneurial WASH impact
(B) Contribute to strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem for WASH
(C) Discover opportunities to support impactful WASH enterprises

Majipreneurs Focus Groups

In preparation for, during and in follow-up to the Majipreneurs summits the movers
and shakers from the Ugandan WASH entrepreneurship ecosystem work in focus
groups to identify key barriers and forge initiatives that enable entrepreneurs to thrive.
Around the 2024 Summit the focus is on the following thematic areas:

(1) Preventive maintenance models & their governance requirements
(2) Opportunities & barriers for piped water business models
(3) Needs and options to scale water kiosk models
(4) Financing the development & scaling of social water businesses
(5) Universal language for market expansion through community engagement

Together, let’s create a future where every individual has access to clean and safe drinking water.

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