The WaterQuip SOLAR-2 is a solar powered water purification system that cleans water using proven ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology and fine sediment and taste/odor filters. UV is a chemical free process which deactivates bacteria, virus, and protozoa by up to 99.99%, thus providing clean and safe drinking water which meets the World Health Organization’s and local health departments’ standards for potable water. The SOLAR-2 is specifically designed for use in rural areas where no electrical power is available. It is a cost-effective solution to supplying safe drinking water in areas with poor or lacking infrastructure. The SOLAR-2 includes a high-efficiency water purification unit and a quality solar power system. It is easy to use and virtually no installation is required. The primary power source of the SOLAR-2 is a deep-discharge, long-life AGM battery that ensures continuous operation of the water purification unit for extended periods of time. The battery is charged by a high-quality crystalline solar panel. The system has a built-in safety interlock that, in the unlikely event of a system malfunction, will sound an alarm, automatically close the water outlet to prevent further use of the system. Like all WaterQuip products, the SOLAR-2 is a reliable, high-quality product with an expected service life of at least ten years under normal operating conditions.

Feel free to download this PDF for more information and technical specifications on the WaterQuip SOLAR-2.

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