UV system maintenance is a relatively simple affair. There are only a few items that require yearly attention. Following are the basics of maintaining a UV system, and what you can do to ensure that it’s working effectively to remove biological contamination from your water.

The only components in the system that require replacement on a regular basis are the UV bulb and the pre-filters. The filters are usually one sediment filter and one activated Carbon Filter. Depending on the quality of the incoming water, the water pressure, and how much you are using the system, the sediment filter typically lasts for 3-4 months, while the Carbon filter needs to be replaced every 6 months on average.

The UV lamp should be changed every year. Due to the nature of UV lamps, over time, their light intensity drops off and it becomes less effective at deactivating organisms in the water. Changing the UV lamp yearly prevents this issue. Be sure to use genuine lamps that are from the same manufacturer as your system to ensure proper function and efficiency and not to void your system warranty.

WaterQuip supplies genuine spare parts for your UV system and we will also be glad to service your system for you. Please call or text our service hotline if you experience problems with your UV system, if you want to place an order for genuine VIQUA or LUMINOR consumables or spare parts, or schedule a service visit. Feel free to call us for just a chat as well – our friendly team is always at your service.

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