Surge Protector Dr. Volt

Surge Protector Dr. Volt

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Dr. Volt voltage stabilizer and surge protector

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Microprocessor based protection for your Digital and Electronic Appliances that would prevent from any harm due to electricity disturbances. Dr. Volt will monitor and detect the power parameters like under voltage, over voltage, under frequency, over frequency, sparks, surges, spikes, loose connections, and lightnings. It will protect your electronics appliances and devices from any unstable power supply. You will not get such features in any surge protector or voltage protector. A unique product with innovative technology to protect your devices. You just plugin Dr. Volt in power socket and connect your appliance or device to it and stop worrying for any damage due to power disturbances. It is compact, cost effective and fully automatic. It has a delay for monitoring the power parameter for safety of you device. It will extend device/appliances life by ensuring the protection from surges. It decreases the power consumption by giving a consistent power flow to the equipment within its parameters. Equipments does not come with such high end power protections so it is perfect external protection gadget. It also eliminates fire accidents due to spark from loose connections. Dr. Volt gives your appliances or device the clean and quality power they require. It has 3 min. delay time . Max supply 6 amp. It provides lightning protection as well. Moreover, this voltage protector protects Fridge, Water Dispensers, chillers, chest freezers system. Additionally, it comes with 1 year warranty.

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